KGMC is now AEC

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The Knoxville Gay Men's Chorus is now the Appalachian Equality Chorus

KGMC's mission and vision is one of equality and inclusion. As we continue into our second decade, KGMC has announced a name change to grow our family and better represent everyone in our community.

Why Change?

Since our founding, KGMC has grown with members travelling from as far away as North Georgia, Southern Virginia, and Chattanooga. We now hold weekly rehearsals both in Knoxville and the Tri-Cities to provide a home for more of our Appalachian community.

Beyond geographic diversity, KGMC's membership includes a wide diversity of singers. Bisexual, transgender, and ally members have become a significant part of our representation on stage--adding their voices to ours.

Finally, KGMC's board, our staff, and our artists have for years included women. Their voices add daily to our song enabling KGMC to reach more people, represent more perspectives, and accomplish more good.

The Knoxville Gay Men's Chorus has now, for more than a decade announced to the world both in name, song, and action that the gay community not only lives in Appalachia, but that we thrive here. We've created a safe space for our membership and our patrons, speaking up with a message of love and acceptance.

With today's announcement, KGMC endeavors to broaden our umbrella to embrace more of our community and to create that same safe space for everyone regardless of sexuality or gender. With women's rights, trans-rights, and gay-rights all under attack, KGMC is seeking to live our own mission by broadening ourselves to be more inclusive. As we rebrand as the Appalachian Equality Chorus, KGMC embraces all of our members and patrons across Appalachia. We outwardly recognize the invaluable contributions made by those of all sexualities and genders to our mission and vision.

As the Appalachian Equality Chorus, we will continue the same mission and better represent all of our community. We hope you will join us. Become a singer, dancer, performer, board member, volunteer, donor, sponsor, or patron--all are welcome in our family. For more information on how, click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.