No Going Back to Fear!

The LGBT choral movement, begun so many years ago, arose as a reaction to fear – the fears of people outside of our community and fears from within.  Those around us feared our otherness, and we lived in fear of mental and physical abuse, fear of un-acceptance, fear of HIV/AIDS. LGBT choruses sought to mitigate these fears by showing our humanity and bringing us together to heal though music.

In light of some hateful speech masquerading as Christianity in our community at large, the Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus stands strong in our history of peaceful expression of our humanity though music.  Our chorus members and audiences come from many faiths and backgrounds and we all choose to live our lives openly without fear.  Through listening to our music and stories, our audiences have begun to understand us.  Through singing and telling our stories, our members have begun to heal.

We will not go back to lives of fear.  We will continue to sing out bravely and share our stories without shame.  We have come too far in the 50 years since Stonewall for old fears to dictate our actions.  We look back through that half-century and are grateful for the strides we have made, and look forward to the challenges of the future that will meet with grace and fortitude.  Most importantly, we look forward to more music.

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